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Golden Retriever Tries to Sneak Neighbor Dog Into the Yard and We're Cracking Up

As children, we all got into shenanigans with our friends and tried to keep it a secret from our parents. This, apparently, is the case for dogs as well, as we see in this viral video of two pups who get caught redhanded.

TikTok user @kandi_with_an_i recently posted a video she captured of her Golden Retriever, Sam, getting into some mischief with their next door neighbor's pup, Lucy. In the video, Sam is trying to smuggle Lucy into his yard for some unsupervised playtime. Check out the video to see how these two tried to pull off their heist.

LOL, this is too funny. Sam tried to smuggle Lucy under the fence that separated their backyard! When these two got caught by Sam's mom, they kept digging and wiggling to try and pull off Lucy's escape at the last second.

People in the comments of the video think this is too funny. @lilscotchbonnet said, "LOL, Sam said 'Don’t listen to that noise, Lucy!'" and @deezshellz commented, "Sam wasn’t playing, he was saving Lucy from the evil fence!" Sam was very focused on the task at hand and would not give up!

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Others thought this was just too stinking' cute! @luckypenny2468 commented, "That is the most cutest thing I have ever seen!" and @chelsear2234 said, "When you know you need to say no, but it’s also so cute that you want to see what happens." It's tough as a dog parent when you know what the dog is doing is wrong, but you can't help but watch the cuteness unfold!

Hopefully, this family installed a doggy door on the fence so these two can come and go as they please to play with each other!


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