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Golden Retriever's Adorable Fear of Halloween Yard Decorations Is Impossible to Resist

For a lot of people, spooky season is the most wonderful time of the year! Decorating pumpkins, stringing cobwebs across our shrubs, hanging ghosts from our trees, preparing our yard for the crowds of kids in costumes who will come knocking at our door on all Hallow's Eve. But not everyone is a fan of the dark and scary decor we set out every year to spook passersby. This is perfectly illustrated in the video shared by @bodhithegolden on TikTok. Just look at this brave boy! 

Our hearts can't take it! The way Bodhi glances back at his dog mom to the decorations and then back to his dog mom, looking for reassurance that those scary kitty cats and that ghost and ghoul can't get him! But then the courageous baby tentatively walks by the spooky seasonal display, giving the decorations the side-eye as he hurries past. It just makes you want to go home with him and cuddle him in front of the fire, and tell him that ghosts aren't real! 

This video has been watched over 953.k times, and a lot of the comments can commiserate with this brave bub. @xixparkerxix says, "I cannot take my dog on walks anymore... he barks at every decoration." We think @silver_fox_over50 sums it all up perfectly, saying, "Bless his sweet little heart! Mama, you’ve gotta find another route to take on a walk."

We sure hope Bodhi gets used to the spooky decor as time goes on. And if not? At least it won't be around forever! 

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