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Golden Retriever's Cuddle Session With Puppy Sibling Is Absolutely Perfect

It's a cuddle party with these two Golden boys, and we just can't look away! Clearly, neither can most of the Internet, because this 12-second clip of cuteness is going viral as fast as we can say "WOOF!"

With about 1.5 million views already, this sweet video of Riley and his new puppy brother is bringing lots of new fans to their TikTok account, @lifeofagoldenboy. You have to see their adorable video for yourself...and try to resist the urge to get a puppy for your dog, too!

Oh. My. Goodness. This is too precious to handle! We are positively obsessed with their spooning position, but the fact that it's their first cuddle? Priceless!

By far, the commenters' favorite detail of the video is the baby's expression of utter comfort in the arms of his big brother. @Solongusa wrote, "the little one with the smile... my heart.." We know!! We practically melted from the sweetness, too. 

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So did @bored_producer who commented, "Stop! I can’t handle this much cuteness! 🥰," It's okay--we know CPR if you need it. Cutest Puppy Resuscitation, that is. 

"I want to heart this more than once," said @king_goober17. Same! Let's be real though, is there anything we wouldn't do for these adorable brothers? (Hint: the answer is no.)

As precious as they are, a few viewers were even suspicious that things were a little too perfect. @oakly_doakly commented, "please tell me they play fight other times and the puppy is a pain. I need this to happen." LOL! Luckily for them, the brothers' momma replied with a video showing viewers how they usually interact. This was their first cuddle, after all. 

Whether they're playing or napping, these two are simply precious!

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