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Golden Retriever's 'Dyson Airwrap' Makeover Has Him Ready for the Runway

When you own a dog with long fur, the urge to brush, braid, and play with their locks is hard to resist. That's exactly why @tuckerbudzyn's mom, Linda, just had to take her follower's suggestion when they recommended a new hair tool for Tucker: the Dyson Airwrap.

This hot, new tool can make curling hair easy and quick, so you can only imagine the kinds of doors this unlocked for Linda. A Golden Retriever with curled fur? Talk about fancy! All this boy is missing is a bow tie, and he's ready for the runway. Get ready for America's Next Dog Model: Tucker Budzyn.

OMG! We want to try this on every long-haired pup in existence, but we know not all of them will be as patient and still as Tucker. Just ask some of the commenters! 

"😂😍How did u get him to sit long enough to do that?" asked @angeliaholtzclaw. "My girl would have ran away..😂." We know the feeling! Linda is one lucky dog owner--as are we all!

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Pet parents and non-pet parents can both appreciate this good boy's 'sit and stay' skills. No wonder @zoroqueenancy called him, "Prince Tucker 🔥." He both looks and acts so regal! Commenter @lallanoorakassim had a slightly different interpretation of this Golden's fancy look, saying, "He looks so French 😂." All hail French Prince Tucker! 

Some other commenters are seeing popular movie icons in this boy's hairstyle. "He looks like the lion from the wizard of oz 😍," said @thehouseofbeautyofficial. We can totally see it! Tucker doesn't need to find any courage, though--he took this makeover like a champ!

Fellow canine TikToker @ringostarthegolden boy wrote, "Beauty and the beast vibes 😂😂," and now we can't decide which image we like more! Do you think Tucker looks more like the Lion, or the Beast?

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