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Video of Golden Retrievers Enjoying the Summer Rain Is a Major Timeline Cleanse

If you're looking for something relaxing to do, we're big supporters of a beautiful walk through a wooded path. Better yet, take your pups out for a stroll with you and the fresh air will breathe new life into your soul. Pack a lunch and enjoy the outdoors while the shade from the trees keeps you cool. Just check the weather before you go, or you might get caught with some wet dogs...

TikTok user @classiccaines was doing exactly what we wish we were doing right now. She was out for a stroll with not just one pup, but several Golden Retrievers. It was a beautiful morning when the summer rain started trickling down. Nothing too crazy so they continued on. Then, of course, the rain worsened, but that didn't stop these dogs. Their reaction to the rain is so pure that you'll be instantly cleansed of stress. 

Aww! We didn't think we'd want to be stuck in the rain with our dogs at first, but after seeing this, maybe we do. This video shows such a beautiful moment. They built a core memory together.  And we're very jealous, to say the least! 

"This looks like pure happiness," wrote @southern_chevy_girl8.  It absolutely is happiness. Not just for them, but for us too! The creator responded, "It is! Can’t complain about the rain when it’s a beautiful day to be with your pups in the woods — happiness, in all weather!" If anyone ever tells you that you can't get a dog, just show them this clip. They're such happy creatures in all aspects of life. "Wow watching this melted away my stress," added @Marlin Aguirre. Retweet!

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"I love when dogs do that little wiggle walk," commented @monsieurbry1. It's by far the cutest thing and that's when you know they're the happiest. Another TikTok user, @meshhat, said, "They were having the time of their lives😂." They probably could've stayed in the rain for hours! We just wish good luck to this owner who has to deal with the clean-up. LOL! Worth it though!  

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