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Golden Retrievers' Sweet Reaction to Seeing Their Human Brother Is Just Perfect

Two Golden Retrievers were in for a shock recently, when they had a surprise run-in with their human brother. The two pups had no idea that they were going to see their big bro, but once they saw who was waiting for them they were so excited. Their joy is positively contagious and now people all across the internet are feeling the love. 

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the two Goldens are always up to something on their TikTok page @lifeofsterlingnewton. Sterling and Colin are clearly the stars of their household, but that doesn't mean that the two don't love their humans with all of their hearts. It's easy to see why they had such a big reaction to seeing their brother in a now-viral video on their page. "Their human bro doesn't live at home much," the video's onscreen caption reads. "They don't know that today they're meeting him." You have to see the way these two lit up when they realized it was him.

Pure happiness! "They're obsessed with their bros," the caption reads. 

People in the comments section were all misty-eyed at their reunion. "We honestly don’t deserve dogs and how much they love us," @ashleymontemarano1 praised. "Nothing better than a dogs love," @thepfeilmeiers agreed. "Sterling recognized right away," @kimberlym710 added. "I started to cry when Sterling realize who it was!!" @duckiechick89 chimed in. 

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There were probably so many pets and belly rubs when they went home that night. It just goes to show that our pets love us so deeply. There is nothing they want more than getting to spend time with us, so it's very important to let them know that they're loved back every single day.

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