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Video of Golden Retrievers Enjoying a Back Yard Playscape Cracks Us Up

There's no question that kids are adventurous. Just watch them when they're at a playground. From swinging on monkey bars to jumping on bridges and going full-speed ahead down a slide, they're not afraid of anything. And for the kids that are scared or nervous, friends stand by their side, encouraging them to try anyway. Believe it or not, dogs can be the same way. Dogs like playscapes and get scared! 

For example, two Golden Retrievers were acting just like kids on the playground. Their owner, known on TikTok as @suki.and.simba, started to film these two doggos playing. One of the dogs somehow managed to get up the playscape and was waiting on top of the slide, debating whether or not he should go down. And what the other dog does has us cracking up! Check it out! 

Aww! This clip is both hilarious and so stinkin' cute! We've all been in that dog's position before. We want to overcome something terrifying, but then the fears get the best of us and we step back. And that's totally normal! 

"Just like kids 😂," said @ArntDaasvatn. Totally like kids! We never knew dogs enjoyed playscapes like kids but by the looks of it, these doggos could've been out there for hours! "The one on the ground was definitely peer pressuring the other dog 😂," commented @boringele. We wouldn't call it peer pressure...More like the dog was helping the other one face his fears. LOL! Nothing wrong with a little encouragement!

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Another TikTok user, @onemadnugget, said, "Man I was really hoping to finally see the slide 😩." Us too! We know that one day the dog will be able to conquer his fears and slide down. And until that happens, we'll be waiting patiently for a video! 

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