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Golden Retriever Siblings Reunite After Being Separated As Puppies in Precious Video

Two long lost puppy siblings have found each other and we can't stop crying. Little Bleu of Massachusetts hadn't seen his brother since he was 8 weeks old. Miraculously, the two dogs were recently reunited and seeing them see each other for the first time has so many people emotional online. 

Bleu is just shy of 2 years old. And while we're sure he loves his new home, there's nothing like seeing your family. The video from @bleuu_bear shows Bleu on his way to visit his sibling, Ice Cream. "Reuniting with my brother after we went to our forever homes at 8 weeks old," the onscreen caption. Take a look at the video below to see the exact moment that these two saw each other. 

It took a moment for the two to recognize each other, but then Ice Cream looks so darn happy. With over 1 million views, it seems like people online were just as thrilled as these two were. "Please tell me you went to a dog park and let them play together," @florianpeter00 wondered in the comments section. "I know you but who are you?" @katana.gsd.husky joked. "I didn't tear up you did, so beautiful," @cummins250 wrote. "Awww myself and 2 other neighbors adopted our Goldens from the same litter so they could grow up together," @amyck00 shared. 

A second video shows the two brothers frolicking together. They have so much in common. 

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Bleu's parents are hoping that Bleu and Ice Cream will get together more often now that Ice Cream lives in New York. Here's hoping that they get some more playtime soon!

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