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Video of Golden Retrievers Who Are Out to 'Spread Smiles' Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Week

Dogs are commonly known as the most beloved animal because they are adorable, sweet, and fantastic companions. Due to this, dogs have an amazing ability to cheer up just about anyone. One man and his two Golden Retrievers have fully embraced this ability through their mission to 'spread smiles.'

Popular TikTok content creator @elliegoldenlife recently shared a video of Kevin, the owner, and his two Goldens, Ellie and Emma, sitting in chairs along a popular pedestrian path. The trio is wearing matching Hawaiian print shirts and greeting passersby with a smile and some kisses from the pups. The content is so wholesome, you need to check it out in the video below and see how people reacted when they encountered these dogs.

This is just too sweet. The children shyly but excitedly approached the dogs to say hi, while the adults featured in the video had no qualms about spending several minutes with these cuties.

People in the comments are loving this mission to 'spread smiles' and wish they could have seen Ellie and Emma in person! @hannahschwartz said, "If I saw Ellie and Emma I would sit there all day. No doubt. I have plans? Not anymore!" Another user, @pita_xrista, commented, "Ok, I need to know where you are because I need some puppy love, like right now." We are definitely willing to get on a flight just to see these pups in person.

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The effectiveness of this mission extends through the internet with the heartwarming feeling this video brought to viewers. @rockingrobin7 commented, "That made me smile so much! Thanks for that on a Monday morning," and @_rithesh_ said, "This just made my day 50x better." Thanks to Ellie and Emma, this video provided the positive energy and motivation we needed to get through the week!

It's so awesome when people create delightful experiences like this with the help of their pups. Sometimes, it can feel like there's so much bad news all of the time, and this is a great reminder that there is still plenty of good people and dogs in the world. 

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