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Golden Retriever's Spooky Photoshoot Has Us Ready to Decorate for Halloween

What screams 'Halloween' louder than pumpkins and ghosts? Not much, but a spooky autumn photoshoot sure doesn't hurt. Just ask dog dad @kjp and his beloved Golden Retriever, Bennie--they make a magical photography duo. and TikTok is living for it.

From Bennie's classic ghost costume to the perfect autumnal scenery, these photos are literally picture-perfect. This doggo is one "good boo!"

We. Are. Obsessed! The first few seconds of the video were enough to have us hooked, but when we saw the photos, our minds were completely blown. It's hard to believe any of it is even real!

"I swear I think u literally live in a hallmark movie," admitted @lucieholjencin. LMAO! They do have a point though--just take a scroll through this guy's account! Of course, not even the most vibrant fall foliage will come anywhere close to Bennie's adorable modeling skills. He's always the star of the show! Like @pumpkinheadlarry said, "HES SO HANDSOME." Hopefully he won't let all these compliments go to his head!

@Golenmomx2 agreed, "he's such a cooperative model 😁." It's impressive, right? Other pet owners were quick to share how impressed they are--especially those who have tried something similar with their own fur babies. 

"How do you get him to hold it?!!!" @notacraftymom asked. "I just tried with my dog and he’s terrified of the bucket 🥺." Aww, poor baby! Though @kjp hasn't replied yet, we know there are a variety of training techniques that can help dogs overcome their fears. Good luck!

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