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Video of Golden Retrievers Enjoying a Pool Day Is Serious #SummerGoals

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and boy, do we have the perfect party idea. This idea was inspired by TikTok user @teamourgoldenadventures and the six dogs that spent the day splashing around in the water. All we need is a pool, sunscreen, pool toys, and a few dozen dogs. The more dogs, the merrier. Or hairier… LOL! 

The recent video shows these Golden Retrievers swimming in a pool that the owners put in the backyard. The caption reads, "They could literally swim every day if we let them!" Are we sure they aren't part fish?! One video shows the six dogs SPRINTING from the house to the pool. It's clearly their favorite part of the summer. Ours too! But this video in particular shows what these furry friends do to cool off. It's making us jealous, which is why we need this party to happen!

If this isn’t #summergoals, we don’t know what is! Do you think they ever get tired? Because the energy they have in this video makes it seem like they could be at this for hours. And the ramp they have to make it easier to get in and out?! SO cute! Turns out the dad built it for them. 

“BEST POOL PARTY EVER,” said @tina4408. We hope our doggy Memorial Day party is as good as this one! “They dive better than me 😍,” wrote @JASMINE. LOL! Don’t worry, they dive better than we do too! Maybe they’ll give us a few pointers at the next party. 

@Gena Lyn said what we are all thinking about this video. She commented, “I don’t want to be a human anymore, I’m tired of everything, I want to be a dog…😅😌.” But because that’s not a real possibility, we’ll just patiently wait for more videos. The creator said there will be plenty more because the pool is open for the summer. Best news ever!