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Video of Determined Golden Retrievers Trying to Retrieve the 'Treat Bag' Is Going Viral

Having a food-motivated dog can be an adventure all its own, even if it does make training a little bit easier. There isn't much a hungry pup wouldn't do for a treat, after all! Whether they're begging, stealing, or in the pursuit of something yummy, you can expect to be thoroughly entertained--just ask the dog mama behind this video!

In the hilarious clip, which was posted to @gamjamypotato's TikTok account, two Golden Retriever siblings try their damndest to retrieve a treat bag from the counter. If the concept alone isn't enough to put a smile on your face--we don't know what is! 

We weren't the only ones cheering out loud when they finally retrieved the bag, right? They totally deserve a treat after all that effort! They deserve all the attention and compliments they're getting in the comment section of the video, too. 

"Stoppp theyre too cute😭," gushed viewer @bayafitzgerald.x. Aren't they? We would watch their shenanigans all day if we were able! We have a feeling we wouldn't be the only ones, either.

@Christinascrafidi_ loved "the look of 'now you tell us?' 😂" that the one pup gave his momma. He was so annoyed! Honestly, though, we're a bit surprised neither he nor his sister tried going around the counter. We guess they were just so focused on the treats!

Even so, it's impressive AF that he seemed to understand his mom's instructions. Tons of the commenters noticed it, too! "Omg he actually understood that 😂," @twosweetgoldengirls wrote. "Golden’s the best 🥰." We can't help but agree!

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