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Golden Retriever’s Unexpected ‘Gift’ for Mom Has Her in Total Shock

When we think of Golden Retrievers, we tend to forget the "retriever" part. As cute as they are, they're serious hunters and trackers too. So imagine how surprised one woman was when she sent her Golden off to swim in a pond and she returned with something *very* unexpected in her mouth. 

Video of the unusual find was posted by two TikTok creators who share an account, who go by KT and PC online (@thiccccboysonly). One of the creators was out with their dog, Violet, recently and was the one to spot that something strange was in Violet's mouth during her swim. "Violet are you for real right now?" the woman's voice can be heard asking from behind the camera. "She crazy," she later wrote in the caption.

"Violet, drop the duck!" the woman continued. Thankfully, the duck was okay even after Violet dropped her. In fact, some of the over 4 million people who watched the video was impressed by how careful Violet had been. "But mom, I'm saving him from drowning," @julioreyes1234 joked. "A retriever that retrieves and with a soft mouth…..Good girl Violet," @carriejohnsondack praised. "She gives the duck a 'lil kiss at the end. That’s the sweetest girl ever," @summermgilbert wrote. 

While another commenter made another good point. "People sayin' she thought it was drowning," @stephmagee1 wrote. "She’s a Retriever. She’s literally bred to retrieve birds."

And if you're still concerned about the duck that Violet found, a second video shows that he was totally fine. The duckling seemed to be uninjured in the footage, but the TikTok creator asked just in case. "Are you okay, bud?" she asked from off-screen. 

Towards the end of the video, Violet again crept over towards the duckling. But the TikTok creator sent her away. "Back up! Uh uh. Get on! Get!" she tells her. We guess Violet just couldn't stay away. "A love story," the TikToker mused in the caption.