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Golden Retrievers Are Living the Dream on a Yacht in Video We Can't Resist

There really are dogs out there who are living better lives than we are. These two Golden Retriever sisters, Callie and Chloe, are perfect examples of this, and although we're totally jealous, we can't think of anyone more deserving of a luxury yacht trip. Loving pups like them deserve every good thing in the world! 

We can't help but think that their owners, who run their TikTok account @chloeandcalliegoldenlife, feel the same way. After all, they did get their girls prepared and ready to spend time on a yacht! Yep, a quick scroll through their account will show you just how much work they put into the moment you'll see in this video. We all love a safety-minded pet parent! 

We think all that preparation paid off, don't you? Chloe and Callie seem like pros on the boat. In fact, they're so used to it that it's practically normal! These Goldens are living life on a freaking yacht and their main concern is still dinnertime. Well, that's a dog for you! 

"Seeing dogs happy is truly the most joyous thing in the world to me 😊😊," commented @indiascarlet0. "Those tongues out flapping about" are simply the best! And the wagging tails? Adorable! 

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"I love this," @redthegolden admitted. "🥰 Happiest doggos." They really are! It's good to see that they're loving their yacht time, even if they have no idea what a yacht even is. 

For those of us who can see where the term 'lucky dog' came from (hint: it's these two), we can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy, too. "Wait, why are those dogs living my life?!?🥰" asked @finncowgirl. IDK girl, but same. We're living vicariously through these Golden sisters! No wonder they have so many doting fans! 

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