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Golden Retriever’s Frantic Attempt to ‘Save’ His Stuffed Animal Is Way Too Cute

They say that having your pets play with puzzles helps to keep their minds sharp and young. Plus, it is a unique way for them to stay entertained during the day, especially if they’re stuck indoors because of bad weather. But oftentimes, those toys can be expensive, or your pet might be too smart and will figure it out in no time at all. That’s why TikTok user @charliethegolden18's mom decided to get creative. 

In a recent clip, this mom decided to take the Golden Retriever's favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Quakers, and hold him hostage. (Don't worry, no one was hurt in the making of this video!) She laid down the stuffed duck and taped it to the ground. Then she told Charlie to go get his duck. After further inspection, Charlie knew this would be no easy task. But he was determined to save his bestie! 

Not only is this video so cute, but this is also such a smart idea for your pets. We’re about to search the house for some tape and try it with our furry friend. No promises our dog will be as gentle as Charlie is with Mr. Quakers, but we’ll see. LOL! 

“This was a hostage situation that only Charlie was able to take care of 😁,” commented @clarice. No one would’ve been able to save Mr. Quakers as he did because no one has a relationship like Charlie does with this duck. @Heather Blackburn added, “Like he didn’t want to hurt the duck.” It’s his BFF! He needed to be as gentle as possible! “He’s going to throw out a hip, wiggling so hard!” said @Dee Dee. LOL! Charlie really was so excited to see his best friend that even in a hostage situation, he couldn’t keep his tail from wagging! 

Can we say these captions on the video are spot on, too?! @April_And_Max said, “’Don’t do a toot,’ 😂 I’m dead.” HA! Maybe that’s why Charlie went back to pull Mr. Quakers up from the front. Charlie really “did him a save,” LOL! 

Seems like this mom needs to try duct tape next time if she wants to give Charlie more of a challenge!