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Video of Golden Retriever 'Smelling' Her Family Coming Home Is Way Too Precious

Dogs are so smart, aren’t they? They always know when something’s going on. Just look at one Golden Retriever on TikTok, whose extra-sensitive sniffer recently got a lot of attention online. Now that's one genius-level pup!

Lucy and her sister Stella are the sweetest doggos. And their owners regularly document their adventures on TikTok. But it was Lucy’s nose in a recent video that has people talking. The footage starts with Lucy laying outside, when suddenly she smells something. “She knew someone was home before I did,” her owner @g.olden.girls wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “She could smell that someone in the family had just got out of their car in the driveway!” they added in the caption. What happens next is so cute! Go Lucy, go!

 With over 300,000 views, we weren’t the only ones who were impressed. “The FOCUS of the sniffs,” @residentpyromaniac wrote. “Clever girl, deserves all the treatos,” @siobhanniceallaig added. “Is it a teenage boy? Because I feel like I can sometimes smell mine from that sort of distance,” @empresseve0 joked.

While other people shared stories of their own pups' own built-in "homing devices." “My dog did the same thing when my brother and I were 20 minutes away from home,” @alejandrabr8 explained. “So sweet. I love watching our lab do this and then the face of excitement when he finds that ‘his boy’ is home,” @jenniferbordewich1 chimed in. “My dog does this with DoorDash, she always knows when they are literally down the street before they are even out front,” @erinkelly303 added. But in all fairness, we're like this too when it comes to delivery food.

With dogs like these, who needs Google Maps?