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Video of Golden Retriever Trying to Sneak a Stick Into the House Cracks Us Up

Pet parents, we get it--it's so hard to stay firm on the rules when your dog is being so darn cute. Especially when your buddy tries something funny to push the limits or be sneaky, how could you not smile? 

This is the exact struggle one dog mom caught on film as her Golden Retriever, @rufusthegoldenfloof, attempts to bring one of his backyard treasures inside. Rufus knows he's not allowed to bring sticks inside, but this one is just so good that he has to test his luck anyway. Just look at that sneaky boy, just hoping no one sees him! You just have to see for yourself!

The anticipation on this pup's face is palpable, and commenters are finding this incredibly relatable. "When you hope it passes TSA," joked @bubblesthefrenchton. 

Maybe it's just us, but we can basically hear Rufus begging his mom to let him bring his treasure inside, just like @fsd commented: "'but mooooom its a special stick!'” Even so, she's not budging not even for the "the slow tail wag and eyes 🥰" that melted the hearts of viewers like commenter @user06056569. 

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Instead of giving up, Rufus does what any determined pup would do. He asks dad instead, turning those big puppy eyes on him.” “Sometimes dad might say yes you never know 👀”, said @sullythelabradane, though it didn’t look like Dad gave in this time either. How he refuses that sweet face we’ll never know. 

Other commenters were quick to come to Rufus’s defense, claiming he’s not really breaking any rules. “Technically that is a whole plant.....not just a stick....” explained @arro1665. “The defence rests your honour.” With a jury full of dog lovers, Rufus would absolutely be acquitted; but unfortunately, this is a judge-only decision. 

“Hear me out. He deserves to bring his sticks in the house,” argued commenter @tessamerriken. “He’s a 100% good boy.” We 100% agree! We will support you and your sticks until the end of time, Rufus, just promise to never stop being this cute! 

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