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Golden Retriever Struggling to Hop Up Onto the Table Is Internet Gold

It's no secret that pets sometimes like to get in trouble. They'll go where they're not supposed to be or try and sneak food off the counter when you're not looking. A doggo from the TikTok family known as @puppyy520 is just like the rest of them, except this time, he got caught in the middle of his act. 

For whatever reason, this Golden Retriever decided he wanted to get up on the kitchen table. He first jumped up on the stool, but as he lept to the tabletop, the stool was knocked to the side and he was completely stuck. LOL! 

O.M.G. Without the chair under him, he couldn't get up or go back down. Talk about being SOL. Plus, he got caught! There is no wiggling his way out of this one. LOL! 

"If it isn’t the consequences of his own action," said @boomer_the_landcloud. Ha! It's as if he wasn't supposed to be doing that in the first place. "Oh look, a Golden getting itself in trouble. So surprising," added @marlamana. They can't help themselves that they're just very curious creatures! They're lucky that they're so cute and can get away with instances like this. 

@virginiastackhous wrote, "My short self trying to get into bed every night." Oh, we never felt more seen than this comment. The dog struggling to get on the table is how we feel trying to reach everything in the kitchen. LOL! And don't worry everyone, they helped this poor puppy down right after taking this video. 


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