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Golden Retriever’s Demand for Owner’s Blanket Is Too Adorable to Resist

One of the first life lessons we were taught as a kid is that sharing is caring. But sometimes, that’s a lot easier said than done, especially when someone was playing with your favorite toy or hogging your blankie. Eventually, we learn to share and everything works out in the end. But dogs, on the other hand, might not know this life lesson.  

TikTok user @sarahh_holtt shared a clip of her pup not wanting to play the sharing game. Instead, he decided to take back what was rightfully his. Or what he thinks is his. LOL. Someone is sitting on the couch with a blanket when her dog comes over all upset because he didn’t have the blankie. So he does what anyone would do, demand it back. Well, in this case it was more like force it back. All we know is if we were in this human’s shoes, we would have never taken away this Golden Retriever's blankie in the first place! 

Aww! This is the cutest thing ever. Even though he didn’t really ask for his blanket back nicely. Oh well, he’s too cute to refuse anyway! “Me Saturday morning,” said @Jassmine. We’ve never related to anything more than that comment. This dog wanted his blanket for his normal Saturday morning routine with cartoons, and ain’t nobody getting in his way! 

Another commenter, @blueberry brought up an excellent point, “Dude’s got his emotional support blanket, how dare you to try to take it.” Right?! All he wanted was a little cozy nap with his blanket. The human very well could have gotten his own blanket! @Jen wrote exactly what this dog was thinking, “’You aren’t using this ri…’ ‘Well actually I…’ ‘Cool alright thanks.’” Ha! It was his and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. 

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