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Golden Steals a Tub of Peanut Butter and Masterminds Hilarious Getaway

It's always the family pet that that's caught snout-deep in the cookie jar when your backs are turned. Or peanut butter jar, as the case may be. Just like one Golden Retriever named Elton, who was caught red-handed in the peanut butter by his owner. But hilariously, the pup wasn't going to give up his forbidden treat without a fight.

Elton is just a bit of a mischievous puppy. A video on his TikTok page @eltonthegoldenretriever shows the lengths the pooch was willing to go to get a treat behind his parents back — and yes, he was totally caught. "Today I got caught stealing a tub of peanut butter," the video's text overlay reads. Normally you'd think the dog would have just a little remorse for tucking away into a full jar of peanut butter, but nope! The look on his face says it all.

"Dad thought he could take my precious nuts off me without a fight," the text overlay states. "But he doesn't have a floofing chance." 

The comments section was cracking up over Elton's sassy exit. "Run like the wind, Elton," @jojod86 cheered. "The fact the jar fits in his mouth," @animalaholic_ pointed out. "Finders keepers dad, you enjoy Elton," @pancakes_80 added. "He ain’t giving that up for no one haha," @andie.tik.tok agreed. 

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In a second video on Elton's page, his owners revealed that eventually they were able to get the peanut butter jar free. But again, Elton was reluctant. "Just close your eyes Dad," the video's caption reads. 

Totally get it Elton. We feel that way about peanut butter too!

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