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Video of Golden Retriever Asking Baby Sibling to Play Ball Gives Us the Feels

For most dogs there is nothing more sacred than playtime. Although come to think of it, it seems like dogs want to play all the time. Just take a Golden Retriever who really wanted his human brother to play fetch with him. The only problem — his brother is just a tad too young to pick the ball up. 

The adorable incident went down in a video later shared by the pair's mama, Stephanie Sleighter (@slickberg). It almost seems like Hobbes was trying to get to know his new baby brother Nolan. But he might not realize that Nolan is, ya' know, a baby and isn't quite ready to play Hobbes' normal puppy games. The video shows Nolan minding his own business in his bouncer when Hobbes comes over and gives him his ball several times, hoping to play. Of course, things don't go as the dog planned and his reaction when he realized it was too funny. 

"Come on little buddy, why wont you play?" his mama joked in the video's caption. 

In the comments section, hundreds of people wrote in feeling for poor Hobbes. "Poor dog's going to be waiting a while," @jessiejoy1357 wrote. "Give him a minute buddy! He’ll get there!" @andreamartin733 teased. "'Ummmm now you’re 'sposed to throw it' lmao too cute," @maggieroseginger joked. "I love how they look at each other so funny," @kat121961 chimed in. 

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Later in the thread, Sleighter explained the reason why Hobbes and Nolan have such a special bond. "The pup is Hobbes who we got after we lost our son Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) and the baby is our rainbow baby Nolan. Nol was born March 10th and Hobbes turned a year March 14th," she wrote. 

We just know that these two are going to be best buddies for life.

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