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Video of Mama Dog Trying to Play With Her 4-Day Old Puppies Is Absolutely Precious

Who doesn't want puppies? You can watch them learn and grow, you'll get the absolute sweetest cuddles, and you can enjoy their puppy breath whenever you want! The one thing they can't do, though, is play.

Poor Golden Retriever mama Mila just doesn't understand that yet! In the most precious TikTok clip from @eloisesmith_, the new mum approaches her 4-day-old pups with a toy in her mouth. She's ready to play! Of course, the pups are a while away from being able to keep up with Mom, but her efforts are priceless nonetheless. Trust us, you'll want your volume turned up for this one!

We genuinely have no idea who's cuter--Mila or her babies! Mom's excitement is absolutely precious, but it's hard to beat a newborn puppy in a cuteness contest. Luckily for us, we don't have to make up our minds. It's just sweetness overload!

We certainly weren't the only ones who thought so. Naturally, viewers thought Mila's response was hilarious, too! With the most-liked comment of the video, @becstewart8 asked, "What’s the point of making these if I can’t even play with them 😂?" LOL--did you read Mila's mind? 

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And then there's @rat_master01: "She's like, 'HURRY UP AND GROW,'" he wrote. Haha! We can't help but wonder if she'll still feel the same in a month or so. Just like @toykoleo pointed out, "Oh sweetheart. give them a few weeks and then you will be hiding from them 🥰." OMG, we love this--so funny and so true!

At least for now Mila can commiserate with basically all moms. "Oh Mila, it's the same with human newborns they just don't play 😂," wrote @chloep431. Say it louder for everyone in the back! It's "just eat, sleep, poop, repeat," like the original poster replied. At least someone in Mila's house knows what to expect!

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