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Golden Doodle Sweetly Cuddles His Rabbit Brother in Irresistible Video

Getting a photo of two siblings sitting together is no easy task. One never wants to smile or runs away to get out of the picture. That's why parents must be prepared at all times for the once-in-a-blue-moon photo opp. This is even more true for pet siblings.   

It's not every day that you see two pets snuggling with each other, especially if they are two different kinds of pets. But TikTok user @itswalterhops just so happened to catch a beautiful moment between her Golden Doodle and rabbit that we can't get enough of. Check out this adorable clip! 

Stop it! These two are such cuties! You can just see the love radiating from both of them and we bet they've been snuggling all day together. That's what we would do! 

@hellodebbieroy wrote, "Just melted my heart! How cute are they?" The absolute cutest we ever did see! @officialbritt2 commented, "So much fluff." Oh gosh, think of all the fur around the house. LOL! But we wouldn't mind. That's the good kind of fluff! Imagine how comfy it would be to cuddle with these two floofs. They would be the best pillows ever!

"I didn't even see the bunny," said @earthgin25. Neither did we! Both the rabbit and dog have such similar colored fur that they blended in with one another. We jumped back when the rabbit moved. LOL! @rjlucy555 added, "Hard to tell where one stops and the other begins." Ha, that's what we're saying! 


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