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Goldendoodle 'Destroys' Stuffed Animal That Never Stood a Chance

Goldendoodles are completely adorable dogs that are also, on occasion, total destructive maniacs. But in the most adorable way! They are so fun and energetic, that some doodles just can't help themselves from being stuffed animal serial killers. 

Such is the case with a video that @Mostlythedoodle posted. Watch this and get ready to pour one out for Lamby! 

R.I.P Lamby you didn't stand a chance. We can't get over how adorably guilty Mostly looks. We aren't the only ones, because @Brendacox716 posts, "Can't get any cuter than this." Some commenters are totally on the side of Mostly with @Ask3154 saying, "Objection! Hearsay!" Adding the truism "Innocent until proven guilty!" @Jaxdoodle says. @Wandayoung doesn't believe Mostly had anything to do with Lamby's sad fate, by posting, "It obviously exploded." 

Obviously. We bet Mostly wasn't even in the room when this happened and he was just trying to help mom by cleaning up the mess. Regardless of how Lamby met its sad fate, you can't help but agree that this video is just too cute! 

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