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Moment Goldendoodle Spots Mom After 2 Weeks Apart Is Everything

Who remembers as a kid running over to your parents after they came home from work? You missed them so much and you couldn't wait to give them a hug. Now imagine that but add two weeks. 

That's what happened with TikTok doggo @oakleydoodlegram. Oakley the Goldendoodle hasn't seen her mom in two weeks and in dog time, that might as well be a lifetime. Your heart will melt when you see Oakley's reaction to spotting her mom. 

Aww! Oakley was too stunned and couldn't believe her eyes. Two weeks is already a decent amount of time for us so we can't even imagine how long that feels for pets. Eternity, probably! But stress not, they're back together again and we couldn't be happier. And we 100% believe Oakley's mom who said she was never leaving Oakley again. Who could leave that sweet, sweet face!?

"The way she stopped when she saw you and then realized it was you. Pure bliss," commented @mydogmango. The sweetest reaction we ever did see! She was processing to make sure it wasn't a dream. @bball1963 added, "Unconditional love, nothing better!" Especially a dog's love. There is truly nothing like it! 

@DePaardentherapeut wrote, "My dog after we were apart for 1 hour." LOL! We have a feeling many dogs are like this after an hour apart from their owners. Heck, even 5 minutes! And we don't blame them! We're their whole world so any second apart is the end of the world for them. 


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