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Video of Two Golden Retrievers Playing with Stuffed Animal Is Too Precious for Words

If we got new toys or new clothes as kids, we seriously couldn’t wait to show our friends. Sometimes we wouldn’t even wait to see them in person. We’d call them right away. Heck, we still do that! It’s nice to know we weren’t the only ones who can't contain their excitement.

TikTok doggo @goldenlifeof_teddy is just like us. Well, other than the fact that he’s a Golden Retriever. But like us, Teddy couldn’t keep it a secret that he got a brand-new toy. Watch how he shows his doggy friend. It’s absolutely adorable!

O.M.G. How sweet is this!? Teddy was PUMPED for his new stuffed animal toy, as he should be. We bet he was a very good boy and very much deserved that gigantic toy. And now his friend can play with the toy too. Ugh, so cute!

“The way they want to share their gifts and show them off,” commented @firstoia. Right!? This truly reminds us of how we were kids. We bet kids are like this now too. And like a good friend, the other dog was so excited for Teddy. We love a supportive doggo!

Another TikTok user @bruh.lake wrote, “Oh my god this is so cute. Why isn’t it viral?” That’s what we want to know! Videos don’t get much more adorable than this. “Beautiful post,” added @user3092174430077. A video to bring a smile to anyone’s face!

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