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Goose Lovingly Builds a Nest for Human Mom He Thinks Is His Wife

There are five types of love languages, which means how you express your love to people or how you like to receive love. These five types are words of affirmation, quality time, gift-giving, acts of service, and physical touch. Finding out what your love language is can help in your relationships and to build a strong foundation with someone. That's what this goose did for what he believes is his "wife."

Meet Glen the goose who is falling in love with TikTok user @shirley2322. In a recent clip, Glen starts collecting twigs to build a nest. Turns out this nest-building is a sign of trust, and he just wanted to provide for his human mom, except he thinks it's his wife LOL! How does she break it to him that they aren't together? 

Aww! Poor Glen was putting in so much work to build a lovely home for her. Does he even know that she can't lay an egg?! We wouldn't want to break the news to him after all his hard work! @Autumn asked, "Would you ever consider buying a fertilized goose egg and putting it in the “nest”?" The creator responded by saying, "I think I might have to 🙏🏼." We think that's a great idea! You wouldn't want Glen to think you didn't like all that he did for you.

And if you were ever wondering what his love language was, here's your answer! This will hopefully help him out in his future relationships. "His love language is definitely gift-giving and acts of service 😌," commented @Criice33. Whoever Glen ends up with will be a lucky goose. "Geese: I'm mean to everybody but my girl," wrote @Sam Stone. They only lookout for the ones they love.

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Now, for the rest of the human men out there, listen to @mxrgv who said, "Some of you guys need to be taking notes from Glen the Goose." He knows how to treat his person right! 

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