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Photographer Takes 'Gothic' Pics of Cats and We're So Into It

Pet portraits are such an awesome thing to do to commemorate your love for your pet, and we have seen so many gorgeous, ethereal, joyful images of animals taken by some super talented pet photographers. 

But what if you're the type of person who wants something a little more high fashion and dark to match your own gothic aesthetic? That's where someone like talented cat photographer and TikTok user @TheCattamsFamily comes in. Just look at these gorgeous images this photographer takes! 

These are so cool! @KVB agrees posting, "I’ve never needed something so much in my life as a goth girl photo shoot with my cat." @Samantha comments, "If I had a cat, these are exactly the photos I’d want." @Duck_nose_Bites comments, "Ohh take all my money please!! Can we include my chickens too?" Photos like these taken with chickens? That we'd love to see! 

This amazingly talented photographer works out of Colorado, so if you're in the area you can contact them here. Such a cool idea for someone who wants more nontraditional pet photos! 

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