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Dog's Skilled Dance Moves with Grandma Has Us Wanting to Groove

TikTok user @dayagarcia3106's grandmother is one step ahead of us when it comes to teaching dogs new tricks. So this TikToker decided to share a clip showcasing what her grandmother taught her aunt's dog one day. It's SO cute! We'd send our dogs to her place in a heartbeat if they'd come back with dance moves like this!

The video starts out with the grandma speaking Spanish, telling the dog to get up to exercise with her. The exercise of the day is dancing! Grandma had the music blasting and she starts moving her feet. We'd be lying if we said we didn't start moving a little too! Before you know it the dog jumps up and starts doing her own moves. Just wait until you see what the two of them do for the finale! 

Aww! You could just tell they were having the best time! Between grandma's smiles and the dog's fast-wagging tail, it was perfect and all-around adorable. Not to mention impressive, very impressive! "I will happily want to learn dance moves from these two!" commented @Hermosa1944. Yes, please! We'll take any lessons they want to give us to help get rid of these two left feet. 

Can they start doing step-by-step tutorials? LOL! Specifically for the turn at the end! @Zaria Cofer said, "The twirl 😭 you can tell they’ve been practicing." Clearly, the practicing paid off because they twirled right into our hearts! But also, how the heck did the doggo do it so perfectly?! "Okay but why is the pup smoother than I am with the turn😳," asked @jazmincole36. Right?! It looked so effortless like the professionals you see on TV. Wait a second...that just brought up a brilliant idea we have for a new dancing show - Dancing with Dogs! Like Dancing with the Stars but better! 

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