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Cool Granny Hanging Out With Giant Tortoise Is the Vibe We All Need

What's your favorite animal? Maybe it's a dog because they've been your trusted companions throughout life, or maybe you love lions because of the strength they represent. When @thereptilezoo asked one hilarious granny what her favorite animal is, though, her answer didn't disappoint. 

We'll give you one hint: she chose a gigantic tortoise. In fact, she's even holding onto his leash while he munches away on some leafy greens!

LMAO! Just the sight of the two of them together had us doing a double-take, but what she said was positively side-splitting. So much for trying to stay young!

For real, though, we love that this woman feels confident in her age and isn't afraid to show it through humor. We think it's safe to say she's gotten herself quite a few fans! 

"She is the greatest Gramma," wrote commenter @kangrena40. You said it! From her hilarious graphic T-shirt that @emma-queen-of-dragons pointed out to her total seriousness while delivering the joke, her whole energy is an absolute vibe. Hopefully, she'll be featured on @thereptilezoo's channel again! 

"Old and slow like me," still has us LOL-ing, but @beverleypollard makes an excellent point: "except they aren’t slow." It's odd but true! Turtles and tortoises can turn on the engine when they really want to. We're just glad Granny didn't get taken for a jog by this big guy! 

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