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Grandma With Dementia's Emotional Reaction to Meeting a Puppy Has Us in Tears

Being an animal lover is a lifelong passion. It never goes away. One video on TikTok illustrates this point exactly, after one woman surprised her grandmother with a brand new puppy to hold. TikToker @daisyg222's grandmother can no longer care for a dog of her own, but her overwhelming joy at seeing the pup is practically contagious. 

As Daisy explained in her now-viral video, her grandmother has dementia and had to go into a care home. "She has ALWAYS had a dog. And when she went into care, my mom took Granny's dog under her wing," the TikTok creator explained in the video's onscreen caption. "Last summer, Granny's dog had four little pups. So we took Mama and her puppies to see my Granny," she added. There's no way we could've predicted that Granny would have such an emotional reaction to seeing the puppy. It's so touching to see. 

"I think a core memory was just formed," Daisy wrote in the video's caption. 

With almost 2 million views, it's safe to say that so many people could relate to what Granny was feeling. "It never ceases to amaze me of how much the power of happiness a dog can bring," @amw197 wrote in the comments section. "This broke my heart in the office sobbing it's such a cruel illness. Bless this beautiful lady," @missdj29 added. "Not me crying at 7 'o' clock...this should be a thing shouldn't it...animals and people with dementia," @petraellen1 chimed in. "Oh my god this is the absolute cutest thing I’ve seen all day! I work with people with dementia myself so these things always hit hard," @marliij commented. 

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It's so incredible to see the bonds we have with animals. The visit surely made Granny's day.


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