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Grandma's Precious Bond With Pit Bull Is Such a Thing of Beauty

Seeing your pet fall in love with another person is so bittersweet. On the one hand, everyone should know how sweet your pupper is. But on the other — well, it definitely can bring out the green-eyed monster in you. One woman had to accept that her Pit Bull officially had a new BFF. But don't worry, she wasn't too upset with her grandma. 

The adorable footage was shared by TikTok creator Cody Jo Green (@cody_jo), who must've realized that she was no longer her pup's number one recently. "When you realize you are no longer your dogs favorite person," she wrote in the video's text overlay. The video then shows a montage of the dog hanging with Cody's grandma. And yep, it looks like the torch has been passed. Take a look! 

"Who could blame him...When she is the best Gram on earth," the text overlay reads. "She is 92 and he is 8. Just two besties," Cody wrote.  

Probably none of the over 1.4 million people who watched the sweet video and later chimed in online. "And you're not Grammas favorite either. The love!!" @melle30801 joked. "He is saying...Oh Gram, 'YOUR My FAVORITE' (but don't tell mom)," @mariamerri kidded. "I have the same issue. My boy stays home with Granny while I work. he is Granny's personal guard dog/babysitter," @irishrodarmel shared. "Omg he will absolutely protect her with everything.! How adorable. I love them," @reggi425 wrote. 

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If you need even more of a daily dose of awww, Cody uploaded a second video of her Pittie from the day she brought him home to the present. "Still mommas baby tho," the video's caption reads. 

Okay, now we're really in love!

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