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Grandma's Reaction to Being Suprised With a Puppy After Dog's Passing Is So Moving

TikTok user @maryemmadavidson and her family decided to do something special for their grandmother because well, their grandmother has had a really difficult year and a half. First, her lifelong partner passed, and then just a few weeks ago, her dog crossed the rainbow bridge. Ugh, we can't imagine what she's going through. 

Her family knew she needed something to cheer her up. And we think after what her family surprised her with, this grandma realized that she has so many people that love her and are there for her. And now, a new fur baby can be added to that list! Check out this touching surprise! 

Stop it! How sweet is this!? Truly a beautiful and special way to show their grandmother how much they care. "Sobbing. This is so pure," wrote @nina.the.mermaid. Isn't it?! This pup is sure to get grandma through all the difficult times ahead. 

"Awww, the beginning of a sweet relationship. They will love each other unconditionally for sure. Perfect," said @morettagap1975. Oh, without a doubt they'll love each other unconditionally. You can already see the love pouring out of them now! 

@maryelizabethhudson pointed out, "Look how her tail wiggled she loves her new momma and home." Ugh, so stinking cute! The little puppy knew she was with her forever human. And the reason behind picking the name Josie will make you tear up even more. The creator wrote in the comments that Josie was her grandmother's nickname growing up. So precious!


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