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Video of Grandma Caught Sneaking Food to the Dogs Is Cracking People Up

When there's a "no people food" rule for the pets in the house, make sure everyone's following those rules. Like, make sure. That's what one dog mama recently learned when left her dogs alone with Grandma (and a plate of food) for just a minute. Luckily, she left her camera on, too, so now we have first-hand evidence of the sweetest sneak act ever.

The TikTok account @danandhernan belongs to Dan and her 89-year-old grandmother, who are the cutest duo basically ever. As you'll see in this now-viral video, Nan's personality is practically as large as her love for the pups. Grandma DGAF about the rules!

Nan is an absolute hoot. It takes her all of five seconds to toss some scraps to the dogs, but then she says she didn't feed them? The audacity! If it weren't for "the way she looks back at [Dan] 😂" as @georgiagreeley commented, she would've looked pretty innocent, too. "Her face at the end is the best! 😂🥰" said. 

Honestly, though, we can't really blame her for feeding those cute doggos. It's so hard not to! Besides, it really shows how much she cares for her four-legged great-grandbabies. "[She has a beautiful soul," said @selinlovesbooks, and we couldn't agree more!

"The only sad part about this video," @sarahrosalieshade wrote in the most-liked comment, "is the other dog didn't get anything! 😂" OMG wait! That actually is a little sad, but we bet Nan snuck that cutie pie some snacks off-camera. When Grandma is around, everyone gets fed! After all, there must be a reason this rule was put into place. Looking at you, Nan.

We're just going to adapt @hunter_way's strategy and let this Grandma keep doing what she does best: "We did not see a thing 🤣." Exactly (wink)!