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Woman Finds Photos of Her Great Grandfather's Old Cows and Their Names Are Just Everything

If you're anything like us, we love looking through old photos. We like seeing what our parents looked like when they were our age or the different clothes our grandparents used to wear. And now, after seeing this clip, we're going to start requesting to see photos of people's animals back in the day.

TikTok user @jessemaysawyer inspired this idea after she recently found photos of her grandfather's old cows. The photos appear to be in an album with the cows' names written beneath the picture. And well, it's simply amazing. 

O.M.G. We are obsessed with this! First of all, we just love black and white photos. Secondly, the fact that he had these photos is absolutely incredible. And don't even get us started on the names. 

TikTok users are falling in love with these names. "You can tell these names were given out of love," commented @ayamies. Right?! So unique. @georginalucienne added, "Literally think I might name my next human child Stonehenge Moonbeam." Something tells us that name will be popping up everywhere. LOL! @_leaf.sheep, wrote, "Nothing prepared me for "Fluff" and "Possum." We don't think anything prepared us for these names, but that's what makes them so great. They're absolutely perfect! 

"I love this. I'm so glad the internet gets to appreciate these moos (and your great grandfather's love for them) in 2022," said @_aimeedennis. This has to be a new TikTok trend because we could look at photos like this all. day. long. 


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