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Grandpa Surprised With Puppies on His Birthday in Video We Can't Resist

It's not always easy to find the perfect gift. But it's safe to say that one woman on TikTok totally nailed the gift she got her grandfather. The woman, Kenzie (@mackwithlove), knew that her Papa was a life-long animal lover. So she was pretty sure that he'd love a whole litter of puppies as a major surprise. And reader, she was absolutely right! 

Kenzie planned to ambush her grandfather and thankfully taped the whole thing and put it online. "Papa, this is Sarah," she can be heard saying from behind the camera, while gesturing the pups' handler walking in the door. "She has something for you to see." "Holy mackerel!" Papa exclaims after learning there are four puppies in total. Sarah then put one of the puppies in Papa's arms and his reaction to the calm little guy is so sweet. "Aw, Papa!" Kenzie swoons as the pup licks Papa's chin. 

"Biggest animal lover since 1930," the video's caption reads. 

The comments section was hoping that Papa would take the puppy home. "Your Papa is OUR Papa now," @mrswilkhistory joked. "Please tell me he gets to keep him!!" @nay32471 begged. "I didn't know my heart could scream until NOW! OMG!" @
bama_brat_84 exclaimed. "Please tell us that Papa has his puppy," @gypsumsol added. 

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Unfortunately, we don't know if Papa took one of the puppies home, but for an animal lover like him we're sure that the surprise was very appreciated. In fact in a past video, Kenzie surprised her grandfather with a brand new kitten named Honey. 

"That's a little cat!" he exclaimed. 

Aww, the relationship between Papa and his animals is so sweet.

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