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Woman Shares Grandpa's Sweet Visit With Her Dog and Our Hearts Can't Take It

If you're an animal lover, you're an animal lover for life. Just take one grandfather on TikTok, who is always thrilled when his granddaughter brings her Cavapoo over to visit. The woman managed to get one of these visit on camera — and seeing how happy the gesture made her granddad is warming hearts all over the internet. 

We can't stop watching the video shared by TikTok creator @midwestmandy. "My 93-year-old grandpa loves me dog, so I take him there as often as I can to visit," she explained in the video's onscreen caption. "When we walked in Benji ran right up to him and said, 'I've missed you so much,'" she continued. "I think Benji missed him too." You need to see Benji and his grandpa spending some time together. It's so precious. Take a look!

"I love them both so much," @midwestmandy wrote in the caption. 

People in the comments section were overwhelmed with emotion after watching the footage. "This is beautiful. Bless you and them both," wrote. "Omg. Too precious for words. My hearts bursting," @user034646296 gushed. "Ohhh cherish these moments, we are all growing older and leaving whether ready or not! This is a treasured time with your [grandpa] and his new pal!" @dragmommy urged. "Note to family: if and when I reach this age please bring me a little dog like this," @janethenderson1948 added. 

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Our hearts are fluttering thinking about this special relationship. The video shows how powerful a dog's love can really be. Benji truly made Grandpa's day so much brighter. We really don't deserve dogs!

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