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Great Dane’s Reaction to Seeing Mom at the Airport Gives Us All the Feels

Coming home to your dog after a long day of work is just the best, but it's even more meaningful after a difficult travel day. TikTok user @happilyeverasher decided to document her much-needed welcome home when she noticed that her husband surprised her with flowers and a special guest--her Harlequin Great Dane!

As if coming home to a partner like that isn't awesome enough, just wait until you see the dog's reaction! You can see the exact moment he recognizes her from down the airport terminal. It's as sweet as it is hilarious! 

We can't get enough of this happy boy, and we're sure his mom can't either! His precious little dance is just the sweetest thing, and viewers seem to think so, too. @victoriabowles1 commented, "It’s the humble excitement from the pup that makes me smile," but we can only imagine the smile on his mama's face as she spotted him too. 

“The excited tippy taps from your pup! 🥰 but this is a beautiful gesture!“ commented @xhoneybxo7. We’re not sure if the gesture she’s referring to is the happy dance or the thoughtfulness from her hubby, but either way, we wholeheartedly agree. As @ahdufkas said, “I would simply cry if I was given flowers and my mini horse welcomed me at the airport 😭.” So would we–it’s every dog parent’s dream! 

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Other commenters are smiling over @happilyeverasher's use of the word "pup" in her video description. @bomchel410 wrote, "Ma’am that’s a pony 😂🥰."

"Just a lil one 😁" replied the creator. We can't help but wonder whether this gorgeous boy knows just how big he is! From the looks of it, he's mostly just excited to see his mama. How could we blame him?

All in all, he was super well behaved for being that huge and that excited. Another pup may have barked or even broken free from Dad's grip, but this sweet boy was true to his gentle giant breed.

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