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Video of Great Dane Who Can't Walk Hoping Other Dogs Will Say 'Hi' to Her Breaks Our Hearts

It's so unfortunate that animals get certain reputations. Cats are always seen as mean, Pit Bulls are aggressive or large dogs are nasty. But as you all may know, that's not the case. Cats can be snuggle bugs and large dogs, Pit Bulls included, are like big teddy bears. They all just want some loving! The same goes for this beautiful Great Dane.  

This dog, known on TikTok @athenabluepup, unfortunately was diagnosed with a spinal condition that makes her unable to walk. Luckily, her owners got her a doggy wheelchair so she can be mobile. But sometimes, it's better to just sit and sunbathe on the porch. In fact, she loves doing that! The only downside to that is people and dogs cross to the other side because they're afraid of her big stature when she's outside. Your heart will break when you see how sad she is when this happens. 

Aww! Poor Athena just wants to make a new friend, but no one will give her a chance because she looks scary. Whoever made up the idea that all big dogs were mean or rough needs a reality check! All we see is a sweet angel that wants a bestie! 

It's safe to assume everyone on TikTok could be her friend in a heartbeat! "I want all the cuddles from her!" said @k_sierra3409. So do we! We'll gladly volunteer as tribute to go over and give Athena all the love she could possibly want. So much love that she'll actually get sick of us. LOL!

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"I would so stop for some snuggles! Maybe a sign, 'I CAN NOT COME SAY HI BUT YOU CAN.' 😁," suggested @krispaprockivanwinkle. That's a brilliant idea! That way people know she does in fact want to meet other puppos. We bet she'd make friends in no time with a sign!

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