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Video of Dutiful Great Dane 'Babysitting' Her New Baby Brother Is Simply Beautiful

Finding the perfect babysitter can be difficult. You can't trust just any stranger to watch your precious little ones. Not to mention, they can charge an arm and a leg! So if you're lucky enough, you can sometimes turn to an older sibling, free of charge, to watch the baby. And maybe if you're really feeling comfortable, hire the dog during nap time! 

We'd absolutely trust Daphne the Great Dane with a little baby, and you will too after watching this clip from TikTok user @the_oakie_dokie_. Daphne keeps looking at her little brother with precious eyes, even though she really just wants to wake him up. She was told no because it was his nap time. So instead, she stays with him the entire nap! 

Aww, so precious! We have a feeling Daphne stays by his side constantly, no matter if it's nap time or not. That's how you know she really cares for her new baby brother. 

TikTok users can't stop saying how cute this video is. "How precious and what a gentle doggie," commented @Marymac. They're also saying how amazing Great Danes are to children. @rebekahward545 said, "Great Danes are awesome nanny dogs to their little humans." And this video 100% supports that statement. "They are protectors💖," wrote @Mendy Thompson895. "Such a pretty baby!!! The one in the swing is too 😂," added @Skylyn DeMoines. 

We were right, Daphne can't stop watching over her baby brother! Check out the latest video!

She truly is the absolute best babysitter. Get this girl a raise!