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Great Dane's Reaction to Mom Not Being Ready for Bed Is Just Pitiful

Being a parent is exhausting! At the end of a long day, sometimes, all you wanna do is pour yourself your beverage of choice and put your feet up and binge watch your favorite TV show. And sometimes, well, our kids just ain't having it. And sometimes, that involves our fur kids. 

Such is the case with big boy @appathegreatdane, a Harlequin Great Dane with attitude to spare. Just watch what happens when this big baby doesn't get his way when he wants mom to come to bed with him!

LOL! As pouty as this baby is that mom's not ready for bed, we'd be lying if we said we didn't love him. @Betsky speaks for Appa when she comments, "But mom..... do you know what time it is?" Commenter @JamieRaeWelch posts, " You go night night with that sweet boy right now!" And @thisillusion noticed Appa giving mom the look in the video, saying "That side eye after being hurried without nesting, lolol....." It's true, not only is mom not coming to bed right away, Appa didn't even get to bury himself in the sheets for his own bedtime ritual. 

Such a sweet big boy! Watching him waiting to go to sleep with mom makes us wish we had our own Appa to cuddle up with! 

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