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Great Dane's Attempt to Keep Mom From Leaving the House Is Totally Epic

A Great Dane on TikTok is showing off her needy side in a hilarious new video online. Poor Ziggy just didn't want to see her mom leave the house for even a minute. But the lengths that the dog went to to keep her mom at home were actually hilarious. And now people are calling the Great Dane super dramatic.

You might think that because a Great Dane is big, it means they're going to be brave and ferocious. But for Ziggy that couldn't be more wrong. The dog has just a bit of separation anxiety, so when her mom tried to leave their house there was nothing she wouldn't do to make her stay put. 

"Move your nose," her owner Brittany Cargile (@brittanycargile) can be heard saying behind the camera. "I will be right back." It doesn't seem like Ziggy quite buys what she's saying, so Cargile ultimately had to push Ziggy's nose away from the door frame, unleashing a huge moan from Ziggy. "The drama," Cargile wrote in the video's caption. 

Ziggy's video has been watched over 12 million times and people were obsessed with how over-the-top she was. "Literally wimper wimper wimper *nose boop* 'whhhyyyyy,'" @user1854529463054 wrote, summing up the footage perfectly. "Don't you dare ever leave the house again," @savannahlaurendan teased. "The saddest nose boop of all time!!" @hm.switzer added. 

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Later in the thread, Cargile explained that Ziggy was perfectly safe being home alone. "To anyone concerned about her anxiety- she has her safe space and meds. I’ve been working with her for years on this. She’s fine, just very dramatic," she wrote. 

We have to admit we love ourselves a little drama queen. 

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