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Great Dane's 'Chick-fil-A Cow' Costume Just Won Halloween

We apparently need to start planning for next year's Halloween because we are very much slacking on not only our costumes but also costumes for our dogs. We're just jealous that people are so creative! Like where do they come up with this stuff!? We swear every single costume we've seen this year has just hit it out of the park. 

The latest one to knock our socks of comes from TikTok doggo @willow.the.dane. This Great Dane decided to play on her strengths and use what she already has - black and white spots that look like a cow. But she wasn't just a cow. You'll be impressed with what cow she was! 

O.M.G. A Chick-fil-A cow?! This costume, hands down, wins Halloween. Sorry, we don't make the rules! LOL! 

"There are no words to describe the absolute perfection!!!!!!!!" said @ajep983. Right!? Every single thing about this costume is perfect. Willow's spots already on her, the font on the sign looking exactly like Chick-fil-A's sign and the utter. Pure perfection all around! 

And we aren't the only ones obsessed with this costume. TikTok users are here for it! @hottyhazelgirl said, "Omg that's amazingly creative." A very unique costume because we haven't seen this done before! We're only slightly jealous we didn't think of this before. LOL! "You win the internet today," added @bagels0504. Actually, they win the internet for the entire spooky season!


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