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Couple's Nightly Routine to Get Great Dane Off the Couch Is So Comical

Parents all have their own methods of getting their children to bed. That could include reading a bedtime story, turning on some relaxing music and brushing their teeth. Doesn't seem too difficult...well, sometimes. It's honestly a lot easier said than done though.

And if anyone knows the difficulty that comes with getting kiddos to bed, it's TikTok user @thesnyderzoo. Except for these parents it's a little different. Instead of putting their kids to bed, their trying to get their four-legged baby to bed and Clyde is not having it at all! Ha! Check out this clip! 

So believe it or not, it's difficult getting pets to bed too. LMAO! Clyde the Great Dane didn't want to go to bed. He really just wanted to stay up all night long watching TV. That sounds just like a kid to us! "Clyde's lawyer here...It was in fact NOT bedtime," said @andrewbomonroe. It's true! We're the judge and are siding with Clyde's lawyer on this one. LOL! 

"Excuse me sir, there's a horse on your couch???" wrote @hollyydaleyy. LOL! Seriously though, Clyde can't be a dog. He's so gigantic that we had to do a double-take and make sure he was actually a dog! 

TikToker @user2732048723864 commented, "I’m guessing Clyde does what Clyde wants and when he wants!" We would say that's a very good guess. This is Clyde's house and what Clyde wants, he gets. LOL! Plus, who would want to argue with this handsome cutie? 


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