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Great Dane's On-Point Reaction to Being Excluded From Mom's Delivery Order Is Epic

You won't have to spend a long time with dogs to realize just how much personality they have. No two pups are the same, and that's exactly what makes them so special--just like people! Whether they bark a little too often or they act up when they need attention, even the more frustrating sides of their personalities are oh-so-golden.

For @appathegreatdane, a silly Harlequin Great Dane with sass to spare, feeling excluded is enough to get him riled up. All his mama did was order herself some Prosecco--as one does--but the lack of toy for Appa? Not cool, Mom!

As upset as this silly guy is, we'd be lying if we said we didn't love it. He has so much to say! Jus like @kaycepetty commented on the video, "Your horse said a lot of things, you said some things. I’m glad you guys resolved it." LOL! For real, though, Appa displayed some great self-regulating skills by grabbing one of his own toys. What a smart boy! 

Commenter @laura40005 noticed a wonderful detail that made this story even better. Appa had "an entire toy box behind him 😂😂" the whole time. Not that he cared, though--he wants a new toy! And he's prepared to let his mama know it.

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"Male Danes have such deep guttural growls and barks," said @cindylcutler. "Lol….I live with one ❤️." She does have a point there...we could listen to Appa talking all day! 

We don't know if this gentle giant is named after Appa the air bison from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but his growls sound just like the character's. Maybe that's why we're a bit biased, but this pup may have convinced us! "I don't know, I'm with Appa," commented @kristenag88. "He made some very valid points in his argument🥰😂😂." He really, really did! 

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