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Great Dane's Excitement Over Going 'On Holiday' With His Parents Is Just the Best

The heartbreak that comes with leaving your fur baby when you go on vacation is awful. You hate doing it, but the reality is that oftentimes they can't come. And trust us, they hate it too. That's why it's time to start planning vacations around whether or not your pets can come. It'll save you from a whole lot of tears and stress. 

If you're still on the fence about whether or not you should bring your pet, just watch this clip from TikTok user @plussize.gus. Once you see how excited this Great Dane was to go 'on holiday' with his parents, you'll realize that you need to bring your dog everywhere. Not only are the owners excited this big boy is coming, but the dog also couldn't control his happiness. Just watch because it's too cute for words!  

AW!! He's just the happiest boy ever that he was going on vacation. Did you catch his happy dance?! LOL! We do this too when we log off for the weekend. @notyourpoison01 said, "It’s the best holidays when you can take your dogs." That is a fact! 

"How excited he is, yet how graceful and respectfully he jumps in. Oh, what a GOOD boy!" wrote @amber_drb. It was the most careful jump we've ever seen! How can such a big dog be so gentle while our dogs scratch the entire car jumping in? LOL! 

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But after taking a look at the car again, we have to agree with what @lizobee said. The comment reads, "Think you need a bigger car 😂." HA! This gentle giant barely fits! @colleenbrandon4 asked, "Where did you put all your stuff 😂." Who cares! As long as their fur baby is comfortable and comes with them, that's all that matters. Dog happiness comes first, always! 

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