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Great Dane's Response to Getting His Own Hotel Bed Is Perfect

Everyone loves having a lot of space to stretch out when they sleep, but this isn't always possible if you share a bed with someone else. This is why people love to take advantage of the large beds in hotels when they are out of town. One woman's dog didn't quite get the memo though!

TikTok user @appathegreatdane recently shared a video of her Great Dane named Appa relaxing in their hotel room with two double beds. In the video, the dog is laying peacefully on one bed while his mom lounges on the other. Watch the video to see what Appa does after a few moments of laying on his own bed!

OMG, this is too cute. It's so sweet how Appa would rather cuddle with his momma than enjoy having that big bed all to himself. Now this is true love!

People in the comments discussed how Great Danes have no boundaries. @pagesaunt said, "These babies don’t care about space. They’re in it for the snuggles." Another user, @69serena69, commented, "I love how huge dogs will find a way to lay close, even if they have to ball up into the size of a hamster!" We don't blame them for wanting to be as close as possible to their humans!

Others agreed that this was an adorable move from Appa. @error_code.027582019473 commented, "I love him so much OMG! Such a big, beautiful boy!" and @demonwings10 said, "Oh my goodness, sweet boy! He's so cute!" We just can't get enough of Appa!

We just love how Appa was more concerned with being next to his momma than utilizing all of the open space on the other bed. We are very lucky to have dogs that love us so much!

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