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Great Dane Throws Toddler-Style Tantrum Over Wanting an Ice Cube

Every parent has dealt with toddler tantrums. When your kids are a certain age, you never know what is going to set them off on a full blown melt down. Apparently, some dogs have similarities to toddlers in this regard, as one pup is proving in this hilarious viral video.

TikTok user @perrythedanecow recently shared a video of their Great Dane, Perry, throwing a bit of a tantrum. In the video, Perry is hoping to get an ice cube from the dispenser on the front of the fridge, but he can't get it to work on his own! Check out the video to see if Perry ended up getting his highly coveted ice cube.

LOL, this video is cracking us up. Perry was not very happy about the refrigerator being so uncooperative, and he would not rest until he got his ice cube! Some people might say you shouldn't give in to tantrums, but we would be helpless against Perry demands.

Great Dane owners in the comments saw similarities to their own pups. @softball_racemom said, "LOL Danes are so dramatic—I love them. My pup gets his own ice. He watched us do it and now we find ice all over." Another user @wwlifetimer, commented, "I have two and we play this game multiple times a day." The key to a Great Dane's heart seems to be unlimited ice! 

Others were amazed at Perry's good looks. @lilmuzz858 commented, "OMG...I want one so bad! He's handsome!" and @lisamarie4341 said, "So cute! How can someone say no to that face?" We would immediately give Perry whatever he wanted without hesitation.

We can't stop laughing over this video. Perry's just couldn't accept that he wasn't getting an ice cube, but luckily, he seems to know that he has a human who will give him whatever he wants. She's wrapped around his paw!

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