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Great Dane's Funny Way of Jumping Into Her Bed Has Us Delighted

There's nothing quite like crawling into your bed after a long, stressful day. It doesn't matter what life threw at you because your bed always welcomes you back with a warm hug. And it's the best way to feel comforted. The only thing better than crashing in your bed is preparing for bed. You do your nighttime routine, detoxing from the day and finally relaxing. It's funny because it seems like one Great Dane, in particular, has a certain bedtime routine too.  

We all know how stressful it is to be a dog. Meals made for you every day, endless playtime and walks outside. They're ruffing it out here. LOL! And so just like us, TikTok user @carriesz5's dog was getting into bed after a long day. Except she wasn't crawling like we normally do. Her way is much, much better and it's something you'll want to try! 

LOL! How cute is Mable?! Her method of getting into bed really looks like it worked. She got comfortable so quickly, which of course means we've got to test it out! Even @marva3793 agrees, "This is what you call hop into bed after a long day. 😂😂😂 I am trying it later. 😂😂." Forget about crawling into bed, this is clearly the way to do it. And we're already counting down the hours until we get to try it tonight! LOL! 

"Not even ashamed at how many times I watched this," said @ashleym11021. Never be ashamed. This is pure gold! @Tammy Bunch wrote, "Solid 10 for sticking the landing!! 😂." Yes! See, we told you it was a golden performance. LOL! "She looks so proud of herself!!!" added @Mighty Samson. As she should! What a big, scary jump that was! 

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And just because we know you can't get enough, here's another clip of Miss Mabel hopping into bed!  

That sploot is everything! "Such a big preparation for such a short jump! Love it!" commented @Beenebaby78. LOL! Better to be prepared than not ready! 

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