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Video of Great Dane Waiting for 'Love From Strangers' at Dinner Is Beyond Precious

We love to stop and pet the dogs we encounter when we are outside. It gives us a little mood boost, and the dogs love to get attention from strangers! One viral video is giving us a great example of how much dogs love when people stop to pet them on the street.

TikTok user @titan.and.his.dads recently shared a video of their Great Dane, Titan, patiently waiting for someone to stop and pet him while he is out at dinner with his dads. Check out the video to see Titan's adorable reaction to finally getting some sought after attention!

Aww, Titan is so cute, and he was thrilled to get some pets from those people who walked by him! We think such a big dog needs extra pets to make up for his larger proportions!

People in the comments can't believe how adorable Titan is and would to give him all the attention he wants. @laurachristina06 said, "I'd be out there cuddling on the street with Titan, he's so stinking cute." Another user, @thejoeyswoll, commented, "What a beautiful handsome good boy! I would literally get on the ground and love on him. He deserves all the pets and love!" Titan should have someone petting him at all times.

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Others are astounded that some people walked by without petting Titan. @gpez20 commented, "Why did it take longer than 0.002 seconds for someone to pet him?" and @baldiejoanie2 asked, "How can they just walk past?" Totally unfair of them to deprive Titan from pets!

We think some people might have been nervous of Titan because of his size, so we he should wear a cute, goofy hat and a sign that says "Please pet me!" We need to let everyone know that Titan is always ready for some love!

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